2012 Navaratri

        2015  Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30am Morning Ritual (Puja)
-Join us in offering as we say good morning to Ma with a simple Pancha Puja and Arati. Singing is encouraged! The temple awakens as we prepare for a full day of worship.

9:00am-12:00pm Chandi Path
-These 700 verses of mantra depict the story of Goddess Durga and her many forms as she destroys many powerful demons. Also known as the Devi Mahatmya, the Chandi is a story of the negativities within us and how they are overcome.

12:30-2:00pm Sadhana
-During this time we invite you to come and sit, sing, chant, or offer any type of prayer that calls you. One can also sit in meditation during this time.

2:00-4:00pm Decoration of the Divine Mother (Shringar)
-The main altar will be closed for public view during this time as Ma changes her clothes and prepares for her evening ceremony. The temple will be open as usual and will be open 24 hours a day for all 9 days.

5:00-5:30pm Community Speaker
-the evening ceremony opens with a community leader speaking on a social or educational topic on a theme related to the evening’s goddess. Organizer contact: Freedom Cole 510-938-1570.

5:00-8:30pm Evening Ritual (Puja)
-Community speakers will open the evening with a sharing of how their organizations are making the world a more harmonious place to live. Then begins an elaborate ceremony of Divine Mother worship (Durga puja). We offer milk, flowers, fruits, delicately prepared foods and decadent sweets. We offer songs and chants, and most of all our hearts. Such beauty can only be witnessed during Navaratri. Organizer contact: Veeru Tripathi– Priest 530-615-1110; Elliot- Puja Assistant 530-575-8178


2013 Navaratri

8:30-9:30pm Food and Kirtan
-Enjoy a traditionally prepared vegetarian Indian meal as well as chai, herbal tea, and fruits and sweets that were offered to Ma during the puja. Join us as we sing to the Goddess in call and response. Devotional singing is the most important part of a puja ceremony.

9:30pm-12:00am Musical Program
-Each night will feature different headlining performers offering their art and love to Ma. Join us as we celebrate the abundance that Mother gives us. Organizer contact: Vrindavan-530-210-9433; Camping is available, for details contact Uma at 707-694-0824.